Planned for its release that May 2010, Dracula in Enjoy by Karen Essex is going to attraction to all supporters of standard vampire lore originated by Bram Stoker. What makes Dracula in Enjoy special is that the history is informed from Mina Murray’s point of view in the fashion of traditional fiction based on the research of author Karen Essex.

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Karen Essex provides people an in-depth record of the folklore encompassing the duo’s timeless passion for each other, whereas shows and changes of Bram Stoker’s Dracula have only given people brief glimpses why Dracula is infinitely interested in Mina.


Dracula in Enjoy begins with Mina having a run-in with a mysterious figure who preserves her from probable rape; a figure who has been swallowing in and out of Mina’s desires since childhood. In the center of studying Mina’s upbringing and recent lifestyle, we meet a cast of heroes maybe not new to these people in deep love with vampire lore; Jonathan Harker, journalist Kate Reed, and Lucy Westenra and her several suitors. Dracula (Count Vladimir Drakulya) exists through the novel mostly in spirit and substance until much later, following Mina has been exposed to the wicked practices of Dr. Seward and the infamous Dr. Von Helsinger in the asylum they work together.

When you start examining Dracula in Love, you’ll find your self drew in (no pun intended) to Karen Essex’s rapidly speed and stimulating plot. We can not help wondering just what it is about Mina Murray-Harker that’s Dracula therefore enthralled and enthusiastic about her for the duration of time.


Famous fiction fans will cherish the design of Dracula in Enjoy due to the research Essex has invested in the story. That novel is indeed very classy and sensible that vampire fiction supporters looking for inexpensive bloodsucking leisure may want to make themselves for this remarkably elegant accept Dracula.

A contrast I particularly appreciate is Depend Vladimir Drakulya’s contemporary, open-minded, and adult personality in comparison to another males in the novel. The connection and connection between Drakulya and Mina is very clear and strong.


The horror aspect can also be widespread within Dracula in Love through the asylum moments, by which the most obvious mal-practices of that time is likely to make readers flinch!

Just like other novels I’ve read by Karen Essex, Dracula in Enjoy is just too short! If perhaps Essex can achieve publishing Margaret George-sized quantities — wouldn’t that be a treat!

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