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First Fake WikiLeaks Documents Fan Fire Between

There are very few those who haven’t been aware of WikiLeaks. Julian Assange might be being discussed by categories of Amish right this very instant. It’s difficult to think of another organisation that’s so completely divided the world. People either like it or hate, and they switch allegiances at the drop of a cap, or international bombshell, since it were.

The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) is just a non-profit organisation that believes whole-heartedly in the importance of an open and transparent internet. It deplores the level of criticism and outrage directed at WikiLeaks and its founder, who currently finds himself in an area of private legal bother. It’s not just the reaction of global governments that concerns the APC, but additionally the reaction of private companies, such as for example Amazon and PayPal, which may have cut all ties with WikiLeaks and hampered its ability to operate and raise funds.


APC believes that WikiLeaks (and other li​Hidden wikie-minded sites) have an essential role to play in fighting international corruption and censorship.

It’s, however, already been called counter-revolutionary. It’s been suggested that rather than bring information out to the open, as the internet site intends, it has got the potential to drive information further underground, bringing back espionage tactics from the Cold War days.


It’s also been suggested that by releasing information, the web site could place whistle-blowers at risk. Wikileaks, however, states that it’s policy of anonymity is sound.

Media freedom is a confused issue, open to interpretation. Wikileaks stands firmly behind its policy to create to light information to help keep governments accountable and transparent and keep people in the know. And the debate rages on.

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