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Spine Surgery - Types of Spine Surgery

Spine surgery is rarely an initial treatment for support pain, however, there are a few emergencies that may require surgical treatment. In the huge majority of patients, spine surgery is deserted considered after a long course of conservative therapy.

Laser Spine Surgery

Discectomy :

Backbone, or Spine, is made stirring of 24 bones (vertebrae), like a tower of hollow bricks held together by rubbery plates called discs. This union helps you to alter your back. Central allowance of the disc is soft.


A discectomy is a procedure to cut off a portion of the disc that rests along with each vertebrae. A herniated disc is the most common reason for spine surgery. In this type of spine surgery, the herniated disc is removed and serve the pressure upon the nerves.

Foramenotomy :

This is an operation used to treat arm or neck stomach-ache (or headache) A foramenotomy is furthermore a procedure used to support pressure upon a nerve, but in this case, the nerve is inborn pinched by more than just herniated disc.


This is performed under general anaesthetic. A foramenotomy removes a portion of bone of using a high keenness drill and curettes and extra tissue that may be compressing the nerve as it exits the spinal column. It takes 3 to 7 days stay in hospital.

Laminectomy :

Laminectomy is a spine operation to sever the ration of the vertebral bone called the lamina. This procedure is also called decompression. A laminectomy is most commonly used to treat conditions such as spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis. Depending on the amount of bone removed, this procedure may be over and done with behind a spinal fusion to prevent instability.


Spine amalgamation :

A spine blend is a surgery performed to member together individual segments, or vertebrae, within the spine. A spine mix is surgery that is ended to eliminate pastime together with next vertebrae. The spine fusion may be the end because to treat a difficulty such as spondylolisthesis (unstable spine), or it may be over and done with because of the extent of supplementary surgery (such as a laminectomy).

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